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Clients engage you for your smarts. The best way to introduce them and keep clients coming back for more is to regularly publish blog posts that convey real value. HMC interviews your SMEs and translates their best thinking into highly accessible content.

Case Studies

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Nothing is more compelling and credible than a client case study that focuses new client attention on what you've done for similar accounts and the value they enjoy from your work. HMC interviews you and your client and compellingly conveys their confidence in you and your work.

White Papers & eBooks

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Capture client imagination by providing them with powerful food for thought. Tell them something they've never thought of before. White papers deliver high value information and then cap it with compelling reasons your readers should engage you to make those ideas come alive.

Web Content

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Your website is the center of all your marketing, client care, information resources, product promotion, and much more. Keeping the content fresh is critical to keeping clients confident that you're in constant growth mode. Make that job 1 for someone who gets it done-HMC Write Now

Marketing emails & letters


The quality of your written communication is often the difference between impressing a client and losing them. HMC Write Now develops template emails you can apply to messages you frequently said. When highly individualized writing is needed, trust HMC to convey your message in your voice.

Promotional Collateral

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From professional service briefs to product sell sheets, you want the written content to reach out and grab your reader, compelling them to take the next step along the sales motion. HMC Write Now only creats writing that sells. Let us help you sell your products & services.

ghost writing

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Top executives and technologists often get the opportunity to have an article published where qualified prospects will see and read them. Often, these experts write in a language and style only their peers can appreciate. Let HMC Write Now be your interpreter making your ideas and concepts available to a broader audience.

press releases

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Getting the word out is at the heart of turning a great idea into a great success.  Press releases are an important way to inform available markets of opportunities you're announcing to share in your success. They're also a great way to inform clients and potential clients of your latest offerings in a format they respect.

battle cards


The most useful takeaways from any sales training are the informational "cheat sheets", battlecards, and other materials that sales professionals use to support them as they leverage valuable competitive and capability information to craft their sales motions. HMC Write Now creates memorable memory prompts that drive sales.


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A noted industry presenter, HMC produces and presents webinars on a wide range of topics, from scripting to slides to hosting.

podcasts & video

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HMC has been both host and guest on a wide variety of podcasts & videos. Sharpen the impact of your next presentation with compelling content.


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The eBook has emerged as an important vehicle for conveying deeper information on highly specific topics. eBooks from HMC Write Now are carefully and thoroughly researched and, of course, compellingly written.